Becoming the Phoenix


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SOYLVYBE is a powerful fusion of bone-crunching rhythms, sophisticated arrangements and soothing vocal harmonies, waving the flag of metal, rock and screamo. Innovative song structures, sounds and lyrics as well as an energetic live-performance distinguish SOYLVYBE from the rest of the modern metal scene. Along their way SOYLVYBE shared the stage with bands such as Dog Eat Dog, Cataract, Rage, Letzte Instanz, Knorkator, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Haggard, Destiny, Tom Angelripper, Normahl, Rawside and many more.

Now, SOYLVYBE unleash their latest album "BECOMING THE PHOENIX". Balanced and unequal at the same time, instantly touching the surface and already beyond getting lost in details, these catchy tunes will enter your head and conquer your mind. Download and enjoy this collection of twelve hand-crafted pieces and share it with those who will appreciate an art that is not made for everyone but craving for followers who find themselves in it. Join the soyltribe, become the phoenix!

SOYLVYBE: Ben Gröschl (Voc, Git), Manuel Burghardt (Git), Johannes Molz (Bass), Chris Schmid (Drums)


released July 1, 2011



all rights reserved


SOYLVYBE Regensburg, Germany

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Track Name: The Waiting
The Waiting

pathetic as it may be for a
man of twentyfive i’ll try
to write myself a note on what to dooo
when once again
i am fool enough to ignore
everything i’ve ever learned
when neither for the first nor last time
i chose to wait in silence

this fatal art of waiting
has cost me more than i’ll ever know

never knew how beautiful it really was
i hope i’ll never know
i stood and watched it happen to me
and i was waiting
unsure, contemplating doubts
but i’m not waiting now

for years i kept on moving lest i
slowed down long enough to think
about the life i kept myself from
for good or bad or ingenting
it took me eighteen years to get there
another seven to find home
an eternity to remind myself
whithersoever i go

pathetic as it may be for a
man of twentyfive i’ll try
to make this song the last reminder
not to let me sink so low
and never ever to ignore
all the things that i have learned
Track Name: Never Forever
Never Forever

cut and unfold
there's a crack beneath your world
another page you have to turn
heard yet untold
you'll be dancing in between
'cause it's part of your own scene

has it always been before?
or just another open door?

touch the surface
see right through it
you'd go there anyway
it's all about the instant now
never forever, no
within moments of impact
not for eternity

and no trace
a random flash in history
prepare to reap before the feast
so watch your own space
ever craving to be filled
there's no time left to be killed

try to see through different eyes
not all heroes come disguised

break the surface
walk right through it
you'd go there anyway
it's all about the instant now
never forever, no
within moments of impact
not for eternity
Track Name: Self-Conquest

as time goes by – no flowers will survive
a shadow on my face tells me it’s time to turn that page
inside i know this phoenix won't rise
exhausted and distraught, i’ve come full circle once again
there’s nothing left, no treasure worth guarding
bring down the walls and conquer me, i’ll give in if you’re strong enough

so cold inside, but still alive
i wave my white flag, take my pride
and deep inside, i realize
i will surrender in the end

as time goes by – i start to realize
there’s nothing left to give away, nothing left for me to take

so cold inside - i will surrender in the end
and deep inside – there’s nothing left i realize

take your chance, take control – tear me down before i fall
take it all, take my heart – throw your light and wake me up
take your chance, take control – tear me down before i fall
take my heart and take me home – take it all and claim the throne
Track Name: Lost And Fading
Lost And Fading

seems like i have got lost again
seems that i lost myself today
even if i knew i’m really here
i’d still not know where here really is
i’d love to put the blame
on the one whose fault this surely is
i don’t know anything for sure anymore

i’ll break through to the present day
but that is harder than i thought
i know i have to find a way
but sometimes i forget where to

i could start with shouting names i know
but for that i would need to know some
it is harder than i thought
so much harder than i am
i’d love to put the blame
i don’t know anything

i am lost now that you’ve gone away
i am lost, i am fading, i’m fading away
Track Name: Alarm My 13 Angels
Alarm My 13 Angels

narrow and dark, it smells like home
but the placelessness is freedom
the sun won't reach this place
enough for roaming endlessly
a little glimpse betrays the brilliance
the brilliance of their wings

i turn away from you
and wonder when they'll leave me

another glimpse, a flickering
far beyond control or reason
they feed, they grow, they breed
soon they'll come out wreathe my remains
an instant later i'll be gone
nothings left to shine on me
Track Name: Non-Perfect

one thousand tries, truth or lie
the struggle within will never die
the perfect shape, a ghost within
so better leave behind, the ice is thin

so why do you choose to be unhappy?
because it's in the nature of things?

it's the challenge, the fear that keeps us alive
and kills us in the end
without it we would have stagnated a long time ago
we can't pretend

done in a minute or done in a year
anger is more useful than despair

so why do you chosse to be unhappy?
because you have not seen it before?

it's never perfect because it's all about
the axiom beyond comprehension

eternal relief or eternal pain, right in the hand, the choice is to gain
a glass half empty, a glass half full
where is the point? It should be filled anyway
never satisfied, never perfect
you might deserve a reward for your perseverance
Track Name: Yesterday's Home
Yesterday´s Home

nailed to the wall. a little note to read
i´ll measure your words well before i let them touch my ear
sick of all those recitals. a million phrases spent
i´ve been close to misperception. now i will stand up again

so many times you´ve tried to push me through your needle´s eye
i´ve quit his hibernation, reassemble, redefine!

yesterday i turned my back on your position
Wash away the footprints in the sand don´t lead me home…

counterclockwise, pointing to the north
unborn structures. another new dimension breaking forth
sick of my own recitals. a million mistakes made
this needless disguise to perpetuate… i will not stay!

too many times you´ve tried to push me through your needle´s eye!

yesterday i turned my back on your position
wash away the footprints in the sand ´cause i will
learn to fly. rising up and spread my wings i´ll
say goodbye. i´ll take my leave to find my way back home.

this is my time, no one else´s time!
this is my truth, no one else´s truth!
this is your time, no one else´s time!
this is your truth, no one else´s truth!
Track Name: Magnetic

far away in a plain of thoughts you're still with me
and yet you have to go right now
craving for the emptiness to grow
trickling sand between fingers
a bird escaping from its cage to see the world
watch your world!

so leave it all behind
keep searching for the other pole
go and find yourself!

stumbling through black corridors a thousand years
it's not supposed to be this way
devastating disappointment
feel the ground under worn out shoes
and watch those broken chain links on the floor
a necessity?

so leave it all behind
keep searching for the other pole
you've got to find yourself
no, i can't follow you
you've got to do this all alone
no way, go and find yourself!

no belief without the eye
random structures in your life
maybe you will come back to me
like a nail to the magnet
Track Name: Inborn Cornerstone
Inborn Cornerstone

and still the will remains to close what has been begun
an outlined fragment left unfinished
although a thousand steps can never be undone
this one stone will always remain

so let me try to break the hourglass
´cause every drop of blood will return as a piece of a greater whole

and i know it´s been a while since this has started up
and i know that one pace is enough to carry on
deeply carved in stone
this is what i´m living for
the inborn cornerstone

ascending towers, opening creaking basement doors
a choice already made from the inside

renewing scaffolds, stacking bricks of thoughts
casting concrete anew, no eternity to remind myself

disconnected from the world outside
closing windows for a certain time
i´ll be right back exposing what i´ve done

deeply carved in stone
this is what i´m dying for
the headstone
the inborn cornerstone
Track Name: Ultra-Violent Light
Ultra-Violent Light

burn and light my path
with just one tiny word of comfort
and you have helped me out
so shine, please shine on me

and when the lights go out and you're alone
the ultra-violent light will guide you home

there's a tiny little spark
and you've brought it back to life
a pulsating red mass
so sad and beautiful
you'll hide your eyes in shame
and awe will fill your heart
'cause this is where we are
it is the knives, that are to blame

i don't feel as happy as i should
go sell your souls to the leaves
take them down